A continent so rich in its diversity, resources, culture and heritage. Our products are birthed out of the need to capture the true spirit of Africa. Our way of doing business is the truest reflection of African life as found in our rhythms; churning forth from deep within our hearts. Our souls are one with nature. Our being observing the beauty of the savannah, the undulating dunes, the superb skies, the scent of the cities, sweetness of the teas, the quiet and sacred forests, ancient civilization that informs our modernity. To us, Africa is not just a continent, but the scent, taste, texture, sound and poetry of the pure soul. It is the beauty of African vitality and virility personified. It is country dawns and city lights, heavenly sunsets and celestial dusks. It is the smile of a child, the love of a mother, the joy of a father, the togetherness of a continent in a cup of tea, on a rug, in a piece of sculpture or art, and in satiated souls celebrating under the star spangled sky. It is the genesis of mankind, the victory after centuries of injustice, the triumph of rhythm, the scent of rejuvenation and the victory of a Renaissance. It is the texture of humanity, incorruptible dignity and indescribable beauty. Our ethos is not just an invitation to partake of the Afrikan spirit but a quest to live as you were intended to be … unconquered, healthy and free!


At the centre of Africa, is her people!

There is an IsiZulu / Ndebele saying that goes “izandla ziyagezana” literally translating to “one hand washes the other”, figuratively “one good turn deserves another”.
The phrase is rooted in the spirit of human dignity aptly termed Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an African ethos which holds that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity. It is this philosophy that drives us (and this is our turn to keep you well and healthy. In the face of challenges, it is easy for us to lose our humanity (Ubuntu). Hence as an African company we strive to help Africa in her fight to preserve her children through healthcare solutions. Not only do our products and services help in saving lives but we have a deep-seated commitment to empower communities and the marginalised.

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