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8MHealth is a medical technology supplier and service agent that is serving the local African healthcare market. Our aim is to improve access to high-quality and cost-effective medical technology products for health care providers in the region, while enabling access to quality health care for all of Africa’s people. We are inspired by the principles of a father who raised eight children with a commitment to see them healthy and prosperous throughout their upbringing. 8M Health partners with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create provider value from medical technology products and solutions for the benefit of patients. We are the accredited local supplier and service agent for OEMs, and our solution offerings focus on these clinical services



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A company, directed by the heart and needs of patients and our customers, who have the best interest of patients, driven by its employees toward a common goal of providing exceptional solutions and products. Our vision is to be the unmatched servant leader in improving the wellness of patients and reducing the cost of health care in the communities we serve.

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We understand that excellent health is fundamental and foundation to living happy joyful life. Our commitment is to give the best well deserved purposed life to mankind through spot on health diagnosis, building modernized innovative life changing technologies that keep you healthy, support you in every stage of life and supply modernized medical equipment and consumables to sustain a healthcare society.

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