Community Responsibility

8MHEALTH has a programme to give back in all the communities that we operate in or where needs are identified. In the true spirit of Africa and Ubuntu we believe that giving back to those less fortunate is a responsibility that we should shoulder and partake in proudly. Against the backdrop of an insurmountable economic divide between black (poor) and white (rich) people, South Africa was already at the precipice of a fiscal cliff before lock-down. COVID-19 has exposed the neglected social and economic issues of the vulnerable communities and should be a wake up call for leaders to find an African solution to the an economic problem that is perpetuated by a colonial legacy. We believe that the people closest to racial economic inequality are also best positioned to address it. Individual behavior is often seen as the cause of this racialised wealth divide. However, there is compelling evidence that racial economic inequality is primarily the result of privilege (or lack thereof), a long-term investment in instilling a sense superiority in some and a systematic installation of inferiority in others.
8MH aim to reverse this trend. And true our goals and vision, our company was launched, with a mandate to reverse this stark disparity by aligning economic advancement with decolonization of the African mind.

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