Pre-Owned Medical Imaging equipment

8mhealth is a partner to Scandinavian Medical Solutions an independent Danish-based provider of high-quality pre-owned medical imaging equipment and innovative healthcare
solutions, including unique and tailored rental solutions and parts services. Through the partnerships each day, we help hospitals, medical clinics, and African distributors from both
in making the right decisions when purchasing or selling diagnostic imaging equipment. Our expertise and agile company structure help ensure that you always get a high-quality solution at the best price point and with services that surpass the ordinary.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a flexible and economical alternative to high-cost OEM equipment – we believe that
our status as a fully independent dealer and service provider helps us with achieving the above.
We look at your needs and requirements to ensure that the system you get is the best fit
possible. We work hard to get you the equipment that you need, at the right price. With our
focus on high-quality assurance, strong references, and cooperation with the four largest OEMs,
customers can safely purchase used equipment from 8mhealth and gain insight into costs versus
savings when investing in a used system. ​We offer cost-efficient imaging equipment solutions
for hospitals, clinics, and distributors worldwide. Most of our systems are sold prior to stock and
are sourced on-demand. If you are currently interested in purchasing equipment, please let us know
your needs and requirements. ​We also purchases pre-owned equipment. Our purchasing team
is skilled with years of experience within this industry, which helps ensure you get a complete
and worry-free solution. We offer project management tailored to your needs, timeline, and
requirements, which helps ensure a swift and problem-free replacement of your equipment.
We handle dismantling, removals, transportation, QA, testing, and decommissioning.
We utilize our experience within the industry to make sure that you get a complete and worry-
free solution. 

Are you interested in selling us your used equipment?

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