Haemodialysis and renal care

We offer comprehensive renal solutions for hemodialysis and dialysis-related treatment. As one of the leading and most experienced Dialysis Machinery & Consumables distributor in the African region, we are also one of the largest solution providers in wide range on Health Sector.

Dialysis Unit Layout

Dialysis Products & Dialysis Disposables


All dialyzers now in clinical use are of the hollow-fiber type with membranes of cellulose, modified cellulose or synthetic polymers. The function of a dialyzer is to return the internal milieu to a more normal state through water removal and solute exchange between blood and dialysate. Water removal depends on the hydraulic permeability
of the membrane.

Dialyzer, a dialysis machine instrument for separating substances in solution by unequal diffusion through semipermeable membranes. 8MH Global Medical offers distinguished brands such as; Fresenius 4008,5008,5008S, Nipro, BBraun, DORA, GAMBRO, ASAHI and many more. Also high quality dialysis machine filters with different sizes and specifications (1.0m2, 1.1m2, 1.3m2, 1.4m2 1.5m2, 1.6m2, 1.8m2, 1.9m2, 2.1m2, membrane dialysis filters) are available.


All new or refurbished equipment for Fresenius and other worldwide brands are available. Just like our refurbished unit services, our spare parts go through an inspection process to ensure they are in proper working condition to minimize any unexpected failures.
The Dialysis machine Technical service team dialysis center provides technical support for Dialysis machine high level and suitable appropriate.
Direct by our team contact for maintenance requires Direct between dialysis center engineering department and us 8MH global medical providing dialysis technical support
services to renal center working on relationship patients, which has to be managed by dialysis center.

Dialysis Disinfectants

Patients need to use a dialysis machine to undergo artificial dialysis. After use, washing is required to remove contaminants from dialysis machine.For this washing, we develop and manufacture the disinfectant cleaning agent for dialysis machine. There are three essential requirements for a disinfectant cleaning agent for hemodialysis machine. Available to your needs with a variety of alternatives and competitive prices. We will make the proposal best suited to your institution based on our extensive research, experience, and achievements which includes developing the first disinfectant cleaning agent for hemodialysis machine world-wide.


High-Quality Parts Whole Dialysis Systems Service Parts All new or refurbished equipment parts for Fresenius and other worldwide brand parts and Equipment Manufacturer specifications. Just like our refurbished equipment process, our parts go through a comparable process to ensure they are in proper working condition to minimize any unnecessary downtime. Dialysis machines are spare parts whose design and manufacture are regulated. Planning and scheduling of maintenance work are central to a well-functioning maintenance organization.

Reverse Hemodialysis Water Treatment

Water Quality

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

We offer hemodialysis providers a turn-key solution that is designed to make sure critical water needs are being served in compliance with steady good quality, and fast delivery and rich experience team work engineer applicable regulations.


Our system combines pretreatment, filtration, reverse osmosis (RO), and ultrafiltration to provide the most cost-effective system package. All our systems carry medical device claims from CE, ISO and are designed to exceed CSA standards.

Standard Features



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