Healthcare Security Technology

Provide better security for your patients and staff with 8Mhealth

Upgrade your security infrastructure with Scylla AI powered video analytics that can help monitor a large facility and identify problems early to keep everyone safe.

Slip & fall detection

Research has shown that accidental falls are among the most reported incidents in healthcare facilities, leading to patient injury, slipped discs and broken bones. With a proven accuracy of up to 99.1%, 8Mhealth can detect slips and falls, either in real time or forensically from video footage. It detects an event right on time, and reacts immediately, helping you reduce the possibility of severe consequences.

Slip & fall prevention

One of the major concerns for healthcare institutions is the safety of patients in intensive care units. 8Mhealth has developed a smart solution specifically for such cases. Nurses are alerted in real-time as soon as a patient is trying to leave their bed, so that immediate help and support can be provided. The solution doesn’t require facial recognition or any other technology that may be associated with breaching privacy of the patient.

Aggressive behavior detection

Violence against staff is placed at the top of the most common security challenges in healthcare facilities. With an accuracy of up to 95.9%, 8Mhealth can help hospital security personnel detect fights and other types of aggressive behavior across multiple camera streams simultaneously.

Missing patient search

8Mhealth’s Face Recognition System is able to work in unconstrained environments, extreme distances, and various face angles, requiring as little as one good image of a person for accurate real-time identification. Where facial recognition technology cannot be used because of privacy concerns or other restrictions, 8Mheallth Person Search system can be utilized to search for a missing person, either in real-time or forensically, based on their general appearance. and other types of aggressive behavior across multiple camera streams simultaneously.

Best-in-class AI-powered gun detection system

Gun violence puts healthcare workers and everyone else who is seeking care at that hospital at tremendous risk. With the impressive 0.1 false-positive rate per day per camera, 8Mhealth AI is trained to detect a wide variety of firearms, both in real-time and forensically. What’s more, the gunman can be traced across the connected cameras in real-time even when the weapon has been hidden. So that you could be proactive, rather than reactive when seconds matter.

Comprehensive pandemic protective measures

8Mhealth pandemic compliance solution is the all-in-one AI-powered system that helps you implement the required protective measures and maintain safety at your facility. It effectively allows you to run non-contact thermal screening, social distancing monitoring, emergency contact tracing, real-time people counting and face mask usage detection when applicable. Multiple protective measures are monitored within one AI-powered safety software for your peace of mind.

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